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Thermal Spas

Tuscany is a rich region of thermal fonts and where he is possible live a vacation to the emblem of the care of the own body. We in this section will speak about most known thermal centers and of the services from them offered.


Wellness centre and Spa in Tuscany
Hotel, restaurant, wellness centre, spa and thermal pool near Siena.

( Tel.+39 0564 601061

Situated in Loc. Manciano (GR), are opened all year long. Already famous to the time of the Etruscan, today Saturnia is a very functional center, where in his vicinity could find archaeological installations like that of Pitigliano and Sovana. The center offers programs with baths solfurei, mud baths, massages, diet, aesthetical treatments.

( Tel.+39 0572 7781

You create from the Granduca from Tuscany Pietro Leopoldo, Montecatini is an alive city, modern, hospitable, open from May-October. His waters have a purgative and laxative action, suitable for the care of gastroentenirale pathology. Besides in the center come practiced baths and mud baths in the care of vascular pathology, insufflazioni and aerosol against pathology of the respiratory streets, intestinal shower in the constipation.

Tel.+39 0577 897518

Situated to 50 [km] from Siena and open from June to October, his principal characteristic is the temperature of the water that reaches the 52 C in a swimming pool constituted from a plaza of an ancient suburb still preserved. Very suitable his water for take care of traumas and neuralgia.

In the hotel section of Toscananet the hotel Adler Thermae presents the thermal service offered.

Tel.+39 0585 949300

Situated in Fivizzano place in province of Carrara Mass, Equi terme already were note to the time of the Romans. Open from June to October today constitutes a modern thermal center that with his water is able to take care of illness of the respiratory apparatus, cutaneous illness, allergies, arthritises.

( Tel.+39 0587 64461

Casciana, gently sitting on the lovely Pisan hills, appears like a splendid, unexpected masterpiece. A small village, traditional Tuscan houses in the sun, with stunning views in a green and tranquil setting and a wonderful hidden treasure: its Water.

( Tel.+39 0578 68111

Situated to the intersection of three province (Siena, Perugia, Arezzo) Chianciano constitutes one of the thermal good centers structured from Europe. The ownerships of his waters have made it famous for the care of illness of the liver, of the stomach and of the circulation. Open all year long.

( Tel.+39 0572 51008

Situated to Monsummano Terme in province of Pistoia and open from April to October, constitutes biggest thermal cave of the world with inside temperature of 34 C and where therapies are practised antistress, idromassagges, inhalations, mud baths.

( Tel.+39 0577 757104

Thermal font open from may to november situated in Petriolo - Monticiano - Siena. The font is on the river Farma and the water is 43° C. warm. Easy to find to sleep in the agritourism in the area.


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