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Tuscany is a rich region of occasions for practise of the sport: sailing, trekking, mountan bike, horseback riding, golf, etc.

The sea of the region with the splendid coast and the archipelago constitutes an obligatory goal for who comes in Tuscany. Alto Tirreno Vela with its nautical base in Marina di Pisa organizes Charter and cruises school in our sea. Daily cruises or of some days, in order to admire the sea of the region, learning to lead a sailing boat. For information and reservations visited the site


If you desire admire the beauties of the Tuscan nature, thing there is better of an excursion to feet between valleys, inlets, canyon of the GARFAGNANA, or between the beech trees and the chestnut trees of the AMIATA (, or a scaling to the ALPS APUANE with his peaks not distant from the sea, a true heaven for the climber.


If you love the mountan bike you will find very thrilling runs in the VAL Of ORCIA, crossing an of most beautiful Tuscan countries and crossing countries like Montalcino, Pienza, Montepulciano. And thing tell of the SENESI CLAYS with his hills and his roads that coast along ancient house ( There is then the territory of CASTAGNETO CARDUCCI, famous etruscan installation and rich of forests from cross. From here you could be arrived to VOLTERRA, the country of the alabastri, or cross the stain of the MAGONA, Bibbona, (


If you love practise the horseback riding, which better earth if not that of the MAREMMA TUSCANY, the earth of the "BUTTERI" where the famous UCCELLINA PARK, uncontaminated heaven of many animal kind, could be visited ( In the zone of LIVORNO come organize, from farme holidays, trips to horse, of varied duration during which we could learn to live in narrow contact with the horses and the nature (


For the impassioned of the golf, in Tuscany are not missing the club beside which practise this sport. Of succession here any of most important club of the region.


  • GOLFCLUB DELL'UGOLINO (Grassina, Florence, [tel]. +39 0552301009): a thrilling run between the sweet hills of the place, with a field from 18 holes, [par] 72.
  • POGGIO DEI MEDICI GOLF CLUB (Scarperia , Firenze, tel. +39 0558430436, field with terrestrial very undulated, but very spacious, with 18 holes, [par] 73..
  • GOLF CLUB TOSCANA (Gavorano, Grosseto, tel. +39 0566820471, absorbed run in the mediterranea stain , it is a 18 holes, [par] 72.
  • GOLF CLUB PUNTA ALA (Punta Ala, Grosseto, tel. +39 0564922121): run positioned in the pineta of the place, with 18 holes.
  • COSMOPOLITAN (Tirrenia, Pisa, tel. +39 05033633, The dunes, the lakes and the sand, the bands of ground sow to fairway or leave uncultivated in way to constitute a run of 18 holes, [par] 72.
  • GOLF CLUB TIRRENIA (Tirrenia, Pisa, tel. +39 05037518): The field to 9 holes, you insert harmonically in the pineta, it has maintained intact his environmental prerogatives of typical mediterranea stain.
  • VERSILIA GOLF CLUB ( Pietrasanta, tel. +39 0584881574): a run from 18 holes not very difficult.
  • MONTECATINI GOLF CLUB (Pievaccia, Monsummano Terme PT, tel. +39 057262218): The field of Montecatini has characterized natural result in the splendid reality of the Tuscan hills from a run, with 18 holes.
  • TENUTA CASTELFALFI (Castelfalfi, Montaione, tel. +39 0571 698093): Characteristic of the run from 18 holes is that the play unwinds prevalently in descent, rarely in plain or in bland slope, or however in slopes that don't create problems to the play.
  • GOLF CLUB CASENTINO (Palazzo, Poppi, tel. +39 0575520167): The field, 9 holes to the moment, presents itself moved , with big arboreal patrimony well selected.
  • GOLF CLUB VAL DI CHIANA (Loc. Esse Secco 53040 Bettolle (SI), tel. +39 0577 624439 0577 624439 A run from 9 holes to play, to learn and to start from the beginning.


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