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  Tuscan Recipes-Testaroli with pesto-


  • gr. 800 of flour
  • gr.150 of basil
  • gr. 100 of pinoli
  • gr. 30 of walnut-trees
  • gr. 100 of parmigiano
  • gr. 50 of pecorino cheese
  • gr. 150 of oil extravergine of olive
  • gr. 10 d'aglio
Mix the flour with a pinch from salt and lukewarm water, get a very soft batter, lets rest for 10 minutes around. Heat the cover on the fire, pour the batter tall half centimeter, lets to cook for 5 minutes for side. Lets cool and cut to lozenges of around 3 [cm] for side. Throw the testaroli in hot salty water (the water must not boil) lets recover any minutes, drip and season with I crush and cheese grated parmigiano. For prepare the "Pesto" to set basil, pinoli, garlic and walnut-trees in a mortar. Crush up to reduce in mash. Pour the oil, the cheese and add salt.


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