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  • 500 gr. of Tuscan bread
  • tomatoes from salad well mature (4)
  • cucumbers (1)
  • red onions (2)
  • leaves of basil (16)
  • oil extravergine of olive
  • vinegar
  • salt
  • pepper
You cut 8-9 slices of bread and put it in a container full of water. Not as soon as the slices have become soft, take it gently and squeeze it between the two hands for make go out all the water possible. Rub the slices of bread up to that they take place the crumbs to make to fall in the container then. Cut slices the tomatoes, the cucumbers and the onions and add them to the bread with any leaf of basil. You add rooms and grind us above a little bit, of pepper. Season with the oil and reserve the all to the coolness to rest. Serve then sprinkling on the all some vinegar.


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