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Ingredients for 10 people:

  • gr. 1200 of spinaches
  • gr. 800 of buttermilk curd
  • gr. 90 of yolk of egg
  • gr. 150 of parmigiano
  • gr. 200 of fecola of potatoes
  • gr. 200 of flour
  • gr. 200 di burro
Cook the spinaches in few water, strain them and squeeze them well, after this mince them. Unite the spinaches to the buttermilk curder and mix with the red of egg, the parmigiano, the netmeg, salt and the pepper, then add the fecola and almost all the flour, (the rest of the flour is used for stretch it on the table for mix). Put it mix inside to a sac--poche without douille, and throw it to cylinders of the diameter of around 2 cm. Cut the potato dumplings to a length of 3 [cm] with a knife. Cook the potato dumplings in abundant salty water, (before cook them all, try the resistance and the consistence after the cooking of two potato dumplings, in fact in the case in which they result too soft, any fecola will be added), when they return floating remove them from the fire and jump them in frying pan with fused butter and sage. Serve on a dish of course sprinkling some grated parmigiano and a sauce tomato apart from.


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