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  Tuscan Recipes-Crostini di fegato-

Ingredients for 10 people:

  • g. 250 of onions
  • g. 20 of garlic
  • g. 500 of bread
  • g. 800 of fegatini of chicken
  • g. 40 of fillets of anchovy
  • g. 100 of capers
  • g. 100 of oil extravergine of olive
  • g. 250 of butter
Cut end the onion and make do it brown in oil inside a casserole, add the minced garlic and the clean fegatini and well washed, making cook the all to alive fire. Bathe with wine and, when it has evaporated almost totally, add capers, anchovies and butter finishing the cooking. Mince the mix with the aid of a cutter and maintain in heat. Toast the bread affected end, and pour a spoon of mix on each slice of bread and settle on the dish of course. Garnish with a leaf of parsley and a caper. They help themselves very hot.


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