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  • gr. 500 of bread
  • gr. 100 of gattuccio
  • gr. 150 of octopus
  • gr. 400 of cuttlefish
  • gr. 500 of gamberi and scampi
  • gr. 100 of gallinella
  • gr. 100 of tomatoes
  • gr. 50 of oil extravergine of olive
  • gr. 150 of scorfano fish,
  • g. 150 of gronco fish
  • gr. 50 of garlic
  • a pinch of chili pepper
  • a glass of young wine red
Make brown in a saucepan of crock, with 2 dl of oil extravergine of olive, 4 clove of garlic, a minced of onion, spicy chili pepper ( "ginger") and minced parsley. When the all and well browned add the octopuses, the shellfishes the cuttlefish and lets to cook any minute. Bathe therefore with a spoon of vinegar and a glass of young wine red, make evaporate and finally add 1 [kg]. of mature, bald and private tomatoes from the seeds. Cook any minute to moderate fire up to when the octopuses won't result tenders; add the other fishes now (first the gattuccio fish, then the scorfano fish, the gronco fish, and finally the ghiozzo fish and make cook for around 15 minutes, complete the cooking with salt. Arrange the toasted bread rubbed of garlic on the deep of the crock, settle you the cacciucco and serve extravergine and cool minced parsley with oil.


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