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  • [gr]. 1500 of arista of pig
  • [gr]. 20 of garlic any leaves of sage and of rosemary a pinch of seeds of fennel
  • [gr]. 100 of oil of olive
  • [gr]. 1500 of turnips
Mince the leaves of rosemary, the sage, the garlic and to also like of the seeds of fennel. Unite then to the prepared salt and pepper, this mixture will be inserted in small holes inside the arista," [pillottare] " are used tell in Tuscany (the arista is the loin of pig or carré, part of the back of the swine). To the arista in precedence will have stayed removed the underlying bone to the ribs in way to facilitate the cut once crush. Sprinkle then all the external surface with rooms of the pillottatura. Tie well and proceed for a cooking to the oven leaves it for around an hour, to a temperature of 80°/ 85°. During the cooking anoint the meat with his fat of cooking, paying attention that the fat of cooking doesn't reach the point of smoke ever, because it in the bottom would be good cook some potatoes or jump us of the tops of turnip, you in precedence boil. Once crush serve in tray of course. The arista could be cut in kitchen or good in room in front of your guests.


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