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  • g. 300 of carrots
  • g. 300 of celery
  • g. 400 of onion
  • g. 600 of eggs a bunch of parsley
  • g. 30 of garlic
  • g. 200 of oil of olive
  • g. 1200 of porky cool mushrooms
In casserole container the boiling water, slightly salty; cook the celery, the carrot and the onion for 20,' the all cut in julienne. Cut thin plates the mushrooms and do jump in frying pan, with the half of the oil, the minced garlic, the peperoncino and the parsley. Add the mushrooms to the vegetable broth and carry to cooking. Add salt and pepper. Any minute before serve cook in the soup, the eggs in shirt. Serve in tureen of crock, dusting of parsley and bathing with the rest of the oil.


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