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Touristic Itinerary
You can find[ HOTELS ]
of the principals Tuscan Towns.
PIEVI , CASTELES, FRESCOS... in Tuscany there is thousand masterpieces to discover with a click.
Tuscan Recipes
A calendar of the PARTIES AND DEMONSTRATIONS that unwind in the principal plazas of the Tuscan cities!
A harvest of savories and easy RECIPES to realize, deriving from ancient roots and forget customs that deserve of be rediscoveries.
Thermal Spas
Free announcements
A vacation to the insignia of the comfort, in a region, the Tuscan, rich of THERMAL SPAS! If you have an immovable property, situated in Tuscany, that you want to sell, or if you are looking for one to acquire of it, you insert your FREE ANNOUNCEMENTS
Postacards free
How to move
Choose the POSTCARD, that you prefer and indicates the data of the addressee. We will send a postcard free, written by hand, to who you want !
The MEANS of transport to use for reach the principal city from Tuscany .
Information for the travellers on: AIRPLANES, FERRIES, TRAINS, HIGHWAYS, RENTAL AUTO.....
Local Tourist Boards
Information for the travellers on: AIRPLANES, FERRIES, TRAINS, HIGHWAYS, RENTAL AUTO..... If you desire specific information on any zones, require it directly to the LOCAL TOURISTIC BOARDS.
Tuscan weather forecast
Sports activities
If you are thinking about put you in trip in the direction of ours beautiful Tuscany, you will find useful our WEATHER FORECAST always adjourns!
Are you a tourist that loves the sport? In Tuscany you could practise each kind of SPORT ACTIVITIES. If you want to know more, you follow the links that propose you this page.
Tuscan Histroy
Museums of tuscany
A concise description of TUSCAN HISTORY.
A selection of links to the best MUSEUMS of our region: you could find the connections to the site of the Florence's Uffizi !


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